I’m Uğur. I was born in Ankara in 1978. I studied in the public administration department. I have worked in different jobs since my childhood, including construction works. I’m a computer technician and I’m good with electronic tools.

I have ordinary hobbies. Apart from activities such as cinema, music, theater, nature walks are among my amateur photography hobbies. I enjoy watching Kendo. I love animals and nature. It is a great passion for me to meet new people and exchange information. My dream is to reach as many people as I can , and to help them with everything they need.

I could not find the opportunity to travel for many years. However, I felt like a stranger where I was. Then, I started making small trips in Turkey without being aware of the purpose. And I realized that the reason for these trips is that I don’t feel at home in the city where I live. I expanded my travels, thinking that I should find the place I belong to.

I think the most difficult one I encounter while traveling is that I don’t know any foreign language. I am currently trying to learn English and Spanish. I get help from the program for translation when I have trouble getting along with other people.

Life can show us all complicated and difficult aspects from time to time. Happiness and peace are very close to us.

Thank you for reading.